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Monmouth Scientific Limited specilise in fume containment, clean air systems and clean rooms. We design and manufacture a wide range of systems for use in research, hospitals, laboratories and industry. In addition we supply a wide range of ancilliary products such as ultrasonic baths, laboratory taps, laboratory water baths, ovens and incubators
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Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is the perfect way to clean equipment gently yet effectively. Delicate instruments and equipment are notoriously hard to clean, but the right kind of ultrasonic cleaner finally makes it simple and easy. Monmouth Scientific provides a range of Tickopur ultrasonic cleaner agents, including both intensive and gentle options. The intensive cleaner can remove strong mineral residues such as lime, silicate, phosphate and cements. There is also a deoxidation option for use on precious metal parts.

Monmouth Scientific stocks a variety of ultrasonic baths, which are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Whether you need a larger or smaller size of ultrasonic cleaner depends on what you intend to use it for, as well as the amount of objects you think you will need to clean. You can also buy an ultrasonic cleaner from us that are suitable for pathology and analysis laboratories, and these have a shorter processing time for decalcification of bone tissue.

Laminar Flow

Monmouth Scientific supplies both vertical and horizontal laminar flow cabinets, both offering Class 100 air cleanliness. The DOP tested HEPA filters provide laminar air flow with efficiency of 99.997% and a particle size of 0.3 microns. One of our laminar flow cabinets is ideal for use in laboratories, forensics, industry, research, manufacturing and even growing orchids, and there’s a laminar flow cabinet for every purpose in our extensive range. The cabinets contain low air flow alarms to alert the user if any maintenance is needed to ensure maximum safety and performance.

Laminar flow cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need from us. As well as all of the standard types and models, we also stock the PCR cabinet, a mini worktop version, which still provides Class 100 clean air at work surface. We can even make a laminar flow cabinet to your own specifications upon request. Monmouth’s laminar flow cabinets are British designed and made and offer excellent quality and value for money. We deliver not just to your door, but to the point of use. After you’ve purchased from us, we even come to set up your laminar flow cabinet, leaving it ready for use.

Fume Cupboards

Here at Monmouth, we provide a range of fume cupboards and particulate containment systems, including both ducted and non-ducted versions. You can buy ATEX rated fume cupboards for explosive environments, specialist systems for Formalin containment and, if you require, we can even design and manufacture fume cupboards to your individual specifications. Our experienced team of engineers work hard to create our fume cupboards and containment systems, and every aspect is monitored and checked to ensure optimum safety.

All of our fume containment systems use the latest in containment technology in order to comply with COSHH regulations and international standards. Our fume cupboards are available in a range of sizes to suit you, and we also use filters that are up to 30% bigger and deeper than that of rival cabinets, making fume removal more efficient, effective and ultimately safer. Monmouth also supplies fume extraction arms, including portable, lightweight options.

How an Ultrasonic Cleaner is More Efficient than a Tumbler

When considering how to clean your tools and equipment, it’s important to know that an ultrasonic cleaner is actually preferable to a tumbler. While a tumbler is more suitable for smoothing and polishing the surface of objects, an ultrasonic cleaner is much better for dealing with delicate instruments. It offers a cleaning method that is much gentler and likely to cause less damage - ideal with fragile and delicate equipment. It is a much more sophisticated method, using ultrasound to create bubbles which agitate those contaminants that need removing. It is quick, easy and keeps your equipment safe.

Monmouth Scientific is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of clean air technology equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners, laminar flow and fume cupboards. Based in Somerset, it is a family owned company, committed to high quality products and excellent customer service. Buy your ultrasonic cleaner, laminar flow and fume cupboards from us and you can rest assured that you will be using only the best scientific equipment on the market, keeping your tools safe while also providing high quality cleaning and containment. Find out more by exploring our website today.

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